"For glory! For honor! And for adun!"-cavias zealots battle chant.


Type of faction:Tribe


known leaders:fleetmaster kerox

The cavias were a tribe of protoss during the first great war.

There are many legends sorounding the cavias tribe but most of them are false.


The cavias live on three planets in one area of the koprulu sector known to protoss and humans alike as "The tylonian cluster" All three of these planets are fertile and so far the zerg do not know of there existance.

These are the names of the planets:




medical practices

When a zealot falls in battle they are teleported to the nearest safe haven. unlike most protoss tribes the cavias are usually able to heal the zealots wounds and return them to a nexus.

They have even used the teleportation system on dragoons and on at least two occasions have been able to heal them.


Dragoon: regular dragoon except it has a teleportation system that teleports it to the nearest safe haven.


Crusader: An upgraded version of the dragoon. it has better armor and a weak energy shield along with an extremely dangerous cannon.

being transformed into a crusader is considered a great honor and the only known crusaders are cavias high ranks who have fell in battle.