Naghul is a unique Zerg creature that evolved from a Viper, with sequences found in Roaches and Hydralisks, found on Korhal. This being has most features of a normal Zerg Viper, but its arms are shorter, club-like, and bristling with sharp, dischargable spines, able to punch thru 2 inches of solid neosteel. Naghul actually wants peace between Zerg and Protoss, and has even made a treaty, for when the day comes, but has only heard stories of the great battles between the two species. 

Bodily weapons & featuresEdit

Kama SpinesEdit

On Naghul's club-like arms are numerous dischargable spines, each laced with a toxic compound, much like the one produced by his inner array of microbes, which gives him energy. This substance is acidic enough to erode neosteel, an effective counter against heavily armored units.

Flight-borne BodyEdit

Naghul's wings are very effective at propelling him through planetary atmospheres and the vacuum of space. The bones of Naghul are hollow and light, but very strong, able to withstand the greatest of assaults. His skin will turn gelatinous and and seep into a dermal layer, compacting its organs and defending them from low outer pressure damage, much like a mutalisk's would.


Naghul's tail-spines, much like its predessecor, release pulses of energy that allow it to track his targets, but have evolved to increase his steering through the vacuums of space.

Microbial SprayEdit

In Naghul's saliva glands, millions of symbiotic microbes, similiar to those found in the Vile Roach strain, create a deadly slurry of microbial poison, acid, and mostly the microbes which can eat thru neosteel, as well as coat the target's joints and body, slowing their attacks and movement to a near standstill. The resulting slurry is sprayed at enemy forces by a contraction of oral muscles, which becomes a pool of fluid, and creeps through the biological systems of anything that walks thru it.