Garen frif was born on a small planet called Arion. When he was 14 years old the confederacy attacked his planet and sent the survivors (He was among them) To a heavily guarded mining colony. Garens father died trying to defend him from confederate marines.


Garen worked at the mining colony with his mother until he was 15. Than his mother died and he and the other prisoners plotted there escape.

Late at night when only two marines were watching the cells garen and three other prisoners had a mock fight.

When the marines opened the cell to seperate them all of the prisoners attacked and killed the marines.

garen and one of the other prisoners took the marines rifles and the revolt began.

within three days the prisoners were free and garen formed a free colony somewhere near the outer colonies.


A zerg force attacked garens colony and killed many of the civilians and militia troops living there.

when garen asked the dominion for help they sent a battlecruiser and the cruiser opened fire on the remnants of the colony destroying the zerg and most of the colony. garen was the only survivor and he boarded a freighter and escaped dominion capture.


Garen later formed a faction called Garens mercanaries. They had many skirmishes with the dominion and suffered large amounts of casualties.