Dominion assault on char

Forces: combined arms of the dominion and raynors raiders.

Kerrigans zerg swarm.

Known dominion platoons:Delta group. Alpha group. sierra group. flashpoint squad.

Outcome:dominion and raiders victorious. disinfestation of kerrigan the queen of blades.

"This is delta group! we are pinned down! please send reinforcements!"

"I have scourges on my tail! help!"

"Theres too many of them!"

"This is sierra group! we are coming to help you delta!"-Radio chatter from several dominion squadrons and platoons.


Delta group was sent down in four pods. each pod contained 4 marines and a siege tank or goliath.

They were attacked by a large group of zerglings upon arrival and just barely managed to secure there landing zone.

Around ten minutes after the landing zone was secured they were attacked by a lurker and 8 hydralisks and they were almost overrun.

They called for reinforcements and were rescued by sierra group. with the new support they began to pave there way through the zerg forces and made it to jim raynors base.

Remaining delta and sierra forces:

9 marines

2 firebats

one siege tank

a goliath walker